A Conception of Teaching
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Author(s): Nathaniel L. Gage,
ISBN-10: 0387094466
ISBN-13: 9780387094465
Published: 2009-04-05
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Pages: 174

The literature of the behavioural and social sciences is full of theory and research on learning and memory. Teaching is comparatively a stepchild, neglected by those who have built a formidable body of theories of learning and memory. However, teaching is where learning and memory theory should pay off. “A Conception of Teaching” dedicates a chapter to each of the following important components: the need for a theory; the possibility of a theory; the evolution of a paradigm for the study of teaching; a conception of the process of teaching; a conception of the content of teaching; a conception of students’ cognitive capabilities and motivations; a conception of classroom management; and the integration of these conceptions. Written in a highly accessible style, while maintaining a base in research, Dr. Nathaniel L. Gage presents “A Conception of Teaching” with clarity and well situated within current educational debates.

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