Clouds of Glory: The Life and Legend of Robert E. Lee
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Author(s): Michael Korda,
ISBN-10: 0062116290
ISBN-13: 9780062116291
Published: 2014-05-13
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 832
Biographies & Memoirs

In Clouds of Glory: The Life and Legend of Robert E. Lee, Michael Korda, the New York Times bestselling biographer of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ulysses S. Grant, and T. E. Lawrence, has written the first major biography of Lee in nearly twenty years, bringing to life America’s greatest and most iconic hero. Korda paints a vivid and admiring portrait of Lee as a general and a devoted family man who, though he disliked slavery and was not in favor of secession, turned down command of the Union army in 1861 because he could not “draw his sword” against his own children, his neighbors, and his beloved Virginia. He was surely America’s preeminent military leader, as calm, dignified, and commanding a presence in defeat as he was in victory. Lee’s reputation has only grown in the 150 years since the Civil War, and Korda covers in groundbreaking detail all of Lee’s battles and traces the making of a great man’s undeniable reputation on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line, positioning him finally as the symbolic martyr-hero of the Southern Cause.

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