Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day
66 votes, ratings by Amazon
18 votes, ratings by Google
3270 votes, ratings by Goodreads
Author(s): Seanan McGuire,
ISBN-10: 0765391422
ISBN-13: 9780765391421
Published: January 10, 2017
Publisher: Tor.com
Pages: 192
Science Fiction & Fantasy

When her sister Patty died, Jenna blamed herself. When Jenna died, she blamed herself for that, too. Unfortunately Jenna died too soon. Living or dead, every soul is promised a certain amount of time, and when Jenna passed she found a heavy debt of time in her record. Unwilling to simply steal that time from the living, Jenna earns every day she leeches with volunteer work at a suicide prevention hotline.

But something has come for the ghosts of New York, something beyond reason, beyond death, beyond hope; something that can bind ghosts to mirrors and make them do its bidding. Only Jenna stands in its way.

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