Gift Ideas for Book Lovers
Gift Ideas for Book Lovers
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December 1, 2017

Got someone on your gift list who chews through stacks of fiction like termites on wood? Getting a gift for a book lover is easy. Simply pick up a Braving the Wilderness novel or a Barnes & Noble gift card and call it a day, right? While that gift idea works, face it–it’s the easy way out. Before you toss the latest Stephen King paperback in your shopping cart (she probably has it already) or in your shopping cart, check out these six “outside-the-bookcase” gift ideas for book lovers.

Autographed book:

Technically, it’s still a book. However, getting an autographed book involves a lot more effort than tossing a random Jackie Collins paperback in your shopping cart. An author-signed copy is something any book lover would cherish forever–even if your recipient already owns the book. Typically, the best way to get an autographed book is to go to a book signing, but that’s not always possible. One alternative is Signed by the Author. This website works with many popular authors to obtain personalized autographed books at a surprisingly low cost: Some signed books are only $10. Alternatively, check the author’s website. Most authors place information on how to get a book signed on their web page.

Book Gift Baskets:

Lovers Gourmet Gift Basket

Start by choosing a decorative basket and lining the bottom with colored tissue paper. Fill the basket with books, magazines, snacks, coffee and tea. Wrap the basket in cellophane and tie with a decorative bow. If the recipient is a book-loving child, add puzzle books, toys or games.

Massaging Bed Rest:

Reading in bed is one of life’s little luxuries and bookworms are no stranger to this indulgence. While reading in bed sounds relaxing and comfy, lack of a comfortable headboard and nagging back problems can make this activity painful for some folks. These devices make reading in bed easier, with most models offering back support, a built-in vibrating massager, a cup holder and an overhead reading lamp! Bed rests are available at department stores and various online websites

Library Donation: Make a donation in your recipient’s name to their favorite library. Libraries take donations in any amount–making this a great gift idea for book lovers no matter what your budget.

Personal Library Kit:

Chances are, your book lover frequently lends out books to friends and family. Unfortunately, all that loaning leads to lost books. While it’s no Library of Congress-style filing system, a personal library kit is the next best thing. These kits can be purchased online at various websites and include pocket cards, checkout cards and date stamps–just like the system from the old days!

Digital eReader:

Have a bigger budget? Digital eReaders such as the Sony eReader or the Amazon Kindle are pricey, but are at the top of many bibliophiles’ gift lists. Digital eReaders allow users to store hundreds of books in one small device, making this an exceptional gift for bookworms on-the-go.

No doubt about it, a bookworm would love a stack of books or a bookstore gift card. If that’s what you decide to go for, there’s nothing wrong with that.  But sometimes, it’s fun to give a unique and memorable gift that will be fondly remembered years down the road.

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