Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails: A Memoir
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Author(s): Anthony Swofford,
ISBN-10: 1455506737
ISBN-13: 9781455506736
Published: June 5, 2012
Publisher: Twelve; First Edition edition
Pages: 300
Biographies & Memoirs

Following the success of Jarhead, Anthony Swofford assumed he had exorcised his military demons — but as every veteran knows, that isn’t exactly how it works. In these searing, courageous pages, Swofford struggles to make sense of what his military service meant, and to decide — after nearly ending it — what his life can and should become.

Consumed by drugs, booze, fast cars and the wrong women, Swofford almost lost everything and everyone that mattered to him. Embarking on a series of RV trips with his dying father, a Vietnam vet, in an attempt to heal their difficult relationship, and meeting a like-minded woman (who will become his wife) in a chance encounter, Swofford begins to grapple with his volatile past and forge a path toward redemption.

HOTELS, HOSPITALS, AND JAILS is a must-read memoir that raises essential questions about masculinity, about fathers and sons, and about love.

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