How To Make Money Trading Stock Trends
Author(s): Sundar Lakhia,
ISBN-10: 9386268027
ISBN-13: 9789386268020
Published: 2017-03-31
Publisher: Vision Books
Pages: -
Business & Economics

How to Make Money Trading Stock Trends Trend trading is one of the simplest and most logical ways of profitable trading. The astonishing success of the Turtle traders in the recent past or that of the legendary Darvas Box trading system a few decades earlier are both examples of trend trading systems. This book is a step-by-step guide to how trend trading works and how you can profit from it in the Indian markets: Recurring patterns in price action and how to exploit them for profit Why you should always try to trade in the direction of the overall market How to judge if a stock is trending and how to search breakout stocks How to create a trading system which you can profitably use again and again How to control your trading risk with stop losses and by adjusting the size of your trade How to trade with discipline and without succumbing to your emotions by using a pre-determined trading plan What you need to start trading trends How long it will take you to become a successful trader How trend trading has actually performed in the past. Has it really worked? With: Charts and examples from the Indian markets. This book offers a remarkably logical, simple-to-follow and disciplined method of making money by trading trends. It’s a proven method that the author himself uses to trade the Asian and U.S. markets for a living. Reviews: “This is truly an instructive and complete book on how to trade trends in the stock market. This author clearly explains how to find the best trending stocks to trade, how to manage risk and the mindset required to be a profitable trend trader.” — Jeffrey Tan

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