Kith and Kin
Author(s): Kris Ripper,
ISBN-10: 194208367X
ISBN-13: 9781942083672
Published: 2017-06-20
Publisher: Brain Mill Press
Pages: 460

What does it mean to have a family? Singer and Lisa Thurman did everything right for their entire childhood. Their mother wanted a perfect life, and they knew how to fit that vision. Then they grew up. Singer came out of the closet and Lisa joined a cult. Singer and his partner are adopting a son. Unfortunately, all that practice being the perfect child didn’t prepare Singer to be a merely adequate father. Lisa’s just trying to get through the day. After three years in a cult, it’s almost impossible to leave her bedroom, so redemption is going to have to wait. What does it mean to be a family? When their mother shows up and attempts to reclaim the illusion of her perfect family, old lives clash with new ones. Recovering from perfection is messy, complicated, and fraught, but the riotous clan that rises from the ashes is full of joy—and the best kind of trouble. A groundbreaking, honest, and provocative novel, Kith and Kin is contemporary family drama that grafts an entirely new species of family tree. Family is what you make of it.

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