More Reading with the Right Brain
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Author(s): David Butler,
ISBN-10: 1517480248
ISBN-13: 9781517480240
Published: 2015-09-23
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 154
Education , Reading

Speed Reading via Speed Comprehension DO YOU WANT TO READ AND COMPREHEND FASTER? Or Continue Your Slow Word-by-Word Reading? A picture is worth a thousand words, and your right brain can already “speed read” pictures. If you’ve read the original “Reading with the Right Brain” this book (formally “Reading Thought-Units”) offers additional practice material to continue developing your skill. Or you can use this book as an easy introduction to this amazing technique of reading ideas instead of words. The author, David Butler, is also the creator of and, which are each excellent aids for increasing your reading speed. But there is nothing as effective as practicing with an actual book. That is the purpose of this book, to give you a comfortable and natural way to practice reading whole ideas at a time. Reading whole ideas means treating text as a recording of thought, rather than sound. Increase Comprehension Strengthen Concentration Reduce Vocalization Reduce Regression Improve Retention Read Faster There is nothing like this anywhere else. Learning to read faster has never been easier. With practice text highlighted into actual thought-units, you can glide along over complete ideas, rather than following your old reading habit of word-by-word reading. You will read faster, with deeper comprehension, and retain information longer. In this age of information overload, you can’t afford not to improve your reading skills. Add this book to your library today and add faster reading to your skillset. PLUS: Your purchase of this paperback book on Amazon also entitles you to the Kindle version for FREE. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY This book is an original approach to reading faster… and an easy way to achieve it, using an exclusive technique which makes it easy to immediately start reading whole phrases at a time. After a brief introduction, the book gives you 12 classic short stories that will help you develop this skill. Each story highlights thought-units with alternating black and gray text. This highlighting guides your eyes from phrase to phrase, letting you concentrate more fully on the meaning of each phrase. You will begin reading thought-units, simply by enjoying these famous stories. “Reading more than one-word-at-a-time with each eye fixation, without vocalization, is the main difference between efficient and inefficient readers. If you want an important key to effective reading, I absolutely recommend you try this book.” -Richard Sutz, Founder and CEO, The Literacy Company – Institute For Efficient Reading, Author of “Speed Reading For Dummies” “When something seems difficult, it’s often only because we are missing one small key piece of the puzzle. The missing piece in reading skills is reading ideas instead of just words.” -Austin Butler, President and Founder, Whether you’re an overworked student, a busy executive, or simply someone who wants to start enjoying your reading, make this the next book you read. BUY NOW AND START READING FASTER TODAY

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