Skimming and Scanning Techniques
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Author(s): Barbara N. Sherman,
ISBN-10: 193598666X
ISBN-13: 9781935986669
Published: 2014-08-20
Publisher: -
Pages: 178

ENHANCE YOUR SPEED READING SKILLS THROUGH TWO EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUES: SKIMMING AND SCANNING. Skimming and scanning have very different goals, reached by very different methods. The skimming section of this book will allow you to practice reading quickly and digesting information at a rapid pace. This section contains a broad range of reading materials with historic, patriotic, or Christian themes. The scanning section of this book will teach you to rapidly cover a great deal of material in order to locate specific information. Scanning is helpful for locating specific items, such as a date or a statistic. This section contains reading materials often viewed in everyday life, such as a Web page or a phone directory. Speed reading skills are beneficial for all fields and can be mastered by anyone with practice and the proper tools. “Skimming and Scanning Techniques” includes: Excerpts from historical speeches and documents Reading materials from everyday life: a train schedule, health care directory, etc… Practical workbook exercises Answer keys at the end of each section

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