Spiritual Growth
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Author(s): Brene Brown, Brene Brown, PH.D., L.M.S.W.,
ISBN-10: 1500644315
ISBN-13: 9781500644314
Published: 2014-07-25
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 54

Spiritual Growth: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life – Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Inspiration Whether you are a new believer or have matured in your Christian faith, no matter what your level of spiritual growth, there are important principles that your Christian life has to be built upon for you to live a life that glorifies Jesus and a life that is in line with the principles of the Gospel. Christianity is built upon the principles of the word of God. Faith in God requires that we believe his word and live our lives based on the standard of his word. And as we apply the principles of his word, we grow in our spiritual gifts and the Holy Spirit strengthens us in our character to becoming more like God the Son and God the Father. Continuous bible study becomes our habit as the Holy Spirit increases our hunger and intense desire for the word of God. As we spend more time in his word, our lives become transformed into his likeness and we begin to experience peace of mind, unexplainable joy and happiness. The word of God commands us to grow in the knowledge of his word. We are to grow in every aspect of our lives. We are to grow in our discernment and in our wisdom. This Christian book contains spiritual guidance and spiritual inspiration you need for your faith in God to be strengthened as a Christian as you pursue your spiritual journey to spiritual maturity and spiritual growth. Spiritual Growth: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life – Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Inspiration Tags: christian book, Christianity, Christian, Christian life, Faith in God, Church, Spiritual growth, Christian faith, Born again christian, Spirituality, spiritual gifts, bible study, spiritual inspiration, the holy spirit, spiritual guidance, personal growth, spiritual journey, spiritually, spiritual books, gospel, Jesus, Christian book, Spiritual development, Worship, Christian living, Live like a christian, Christian way of life, Life of Jesus, Peace of mind, Finding strength, Emotional balance, Happiness, God the Son, God the Father, Religion, Salvation, Word of God, Inspirational prayer, books online, ebooks, christian quotes, kindle books, inspirational books, inspirational quotes, inspirational messages

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