Teacher, Teacher (a Dani Ripper Novel)
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Author(s): John Locke,
ISBN-10: 1940745519
ISBN-13: 9781940745510
Published: 2014-03-26
Publisher: -
Pages: 278
Sex crimes

Beth Conroy: young, beautiful, Tennessee Teacher of the Year–is shocked to learn she’s been accused of sexual misconduct with a student. Facing a scandal of epic proportions, Palmer School retains private investigator Dani Ripper to sort out the truth and protect their interests. The accuser’s mother gives Dani until noon tomorrow to show proof the charges are false, or she’ll call a city-wide press conference to level charges. As Dani begins her investigation she finds herself drawn to Beth, even as the evidence against her is mounting faster than Viagra test rabbits. PRELIMINARY COMMENTS I always finish John Locke’s books the same day I start them. He has a way of sucking you in. This novel was no different. If you liked “Promise You Won’t Tell,” you’ll love “Teacher, Teacher.” In another author’s hands, the seriousness of the subject would result in a dramatic, heavy-handed morality piece drenched in political correctness. But John seems to have mastered the art of tackling serious, topical subjects with laugh-out-loud humor, in-your-face energy, and razor-sharp dialogue.

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