Thanks for the Feedback, (I Think!)
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Author(s): Julia Cook,
ISBN-10: 1934490490
ISBN-13: 9781934490495
Published: 2013-09-01
Publisher: Boys Town Press
Pages: 32
Juvenile Fiction

When a friend explains to RJ the proper technique for kicking a soccer ball, RJ gets upset and stumbles for a snappy comeback. When another friend compliments RJ, he wonders what to say. It doesn’t matter if RJ is given a compliment or constructive feedback, he is never sure how to respond. With guidance from his family, RJ learns the value of properly accepting feedback from others and that, even when it is difficult to accept, feedback is information he can use to become a better person. This book is part of the BEST ME I Can Be series of books to help kids learn social skills.

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