The Extraordinary Reader
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Author(s): Clive Lewis,
ISBN-10: 1906070032
ISBN-13: 9781906070038
Published: 2007-06-01
Publisher: The Extraordinary Reader
Pages: 125

If you want an effective way to manage all the business information that you get sent every day, or a way to become a more effective and more efficient learner, then this book is essential reading. It introduces you to a completely new reading strategy – INSEAK – which will enable you to assess the relevance, and mine for the gold, in all the books, documents, reports and emails that you receive.This is not another book about speed-reading. Rather it is the distilled understanding of one of the UK’s top thinkers in accelerated learning, concerning how you can:- eliminate information overload- acquire new knowledge with ease- triple your reading speed- understand more of what you read- recall more of what you have read

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