The Glassblower (The Glassblower Trilogy)
6175 votes, ratings by Amazon
1065 votes, ratings by Goodreads
Author(s): Petra Durst-Benning,
ISBN-10: 1477820272
ISBN-13: 9781477820278
Published: 2014-10-07
Publisher: Amazoncrossing
Pages: 481

In the village of Lauscha in Germany, things have been done the same way for centuries. The men blow the glass, and the women decorate and pack it. But when Joost Steinmann passes away unexpectedly one September night, his three daughters must learn to fend for themselves. While feisty Johanna takes a practical approach to looking for work, Ruth follows her heart, aiming to catch the eye of a handsome young villager. But it is dreamy, quiet Marie who has always been the most captivated by the magic—and sparkling possibilities—of the craft of glassblowing. As the spirited sisters work together to forge a brighter future for themselves on their own terms, they learn not only how to thrive in a man’s world, but how to remain true to themselves—and their hearts—in the process.

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