The Locket
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Author(s): Katie J. Z. Barrier,
ISBN-10: 1503533190
ISBN-13: 9781503533196
Published: 2015-03-21
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Pages: 286

Tossed into love and new adventures, a young girl protects her heart, her dog, and her free will. Living on her own, having a feeling of instability, she has a hard time painting the picture of her future. Her longest friend Tommy has been her crutch since she lacks some of her memories, not knowing he has a few secrets of his own. A simple treasure she finds reveals secrets about the land and pulls people together. Is this her guidance or demise? She is betrayed, falls in love, and develops an odd addiction, all the while trying to regain her memory. Can she trust the person holding her hand, or has her memory faded the fact that they are her enemies?

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