The Rebellion’s Last Traitor
3 votes, ratings by Amazon
56 votes, ratings by Goodreads
Author(s): Nik Korpon,
ISBN-10: 0857666568
ISBN-13: 9780857666567
Published: 2017-06-06
Publisher: Angry Robot, Limited
Pages: 352
Science Fiction & Fantasy

In a dystopian world ravaged by war and environmental collapse, one man fights history to discover the truth about his wife and child. After decades of war, the brutal Tathadann Party restored order toshattered Eitan City by outlawing the past and rewriting history. Memory is a commodity – bought and sold, and experienced like a drug. Henraek works as a Tathadann memory thief, draining citizens’ memories. Everything changes when Henraek harvests a memory of his own wife’s death, in the hidden rebellion that once tore apart their city. Now he will do whatever it takes to learn the truth – even ifit means burning Eitan City to the ground. File Under: Science Fiction

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