The Wonky Donkey
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Author(s): Craig Smith,
ISBN-10: 1444923390
ISBN-13: 9781444923391
Published: 2014-07-03
Publisher: Hachette UK
Pages: 32
Juvenile Fiction

The internet sensation, Wonky Donkey has now had 5.9 million hits online and sold more than 720,000 copies since it was released in 2009. This number one bestselling book by Craig Smith and Katz Cowley is based on an award-winning children’s song: I was walking down the road, and I saw a donkey… hee-haw! And he only had three legs. He was wonky donkey … In this hilarious, cumulative song, each page tells us something new about the donkey until we end up with a spunky, hanky-panky, cranky, stinky, dinky, lanky, honky-tonky, winky, wonky donkey who will have children in fits of laughter! This grandmother can’t contain her giggles as she reads Wonky Donkey to her grandchild in this adorable video:

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