Wild by Nature: From Siberia to Australia, Three Years Alone in the Wilderness on Foot
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Author(s): Sarah Marquis,
ISBN-10: 1250081971
ISBN-13: 9781250081971
Published: February 9, 2016
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books; First Edition edition
Pages: 272
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From National Geographic‘s Explorer of 2014, featured in The New York Times Magazine, Wild By Nature is the harrowing and nearly unbelievable story of Sarah Marquis’ solo 10,000-mile hike across the remote Gobi desert from Siberia to Thailand, then transported by boat to complete her hike at her favorite tree in Australia.

Relying on hunting and her own wits, Sarah Marquis made it across six countries where she survived mafia, drug dealers, thieves on horseback who harassed her tent every night for weeks, temperatures from sub zero to scorching, life-threatening wildlife, a dengue fever delirium in the Laos jungle, tropic ringworm in northern Thailand, dehydration, and a life-threatening abscess.

Through an incredible journey Wild By Nature explores what it is to adventure as a woman in the most dangerous of circumstance, what it is to be truly alone in the wild and why someone would challenge themselves with an expedition others would call crazy. Originally a bestseller in France selling over 60,000 copies, Wild By Nature will appeal to fans of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild.

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