Women Who Changed the World: 50 Amazing Americans
Author(s): Laurie Calkhoven,
ISBN-10: 0545889634
ISBN-13: 9780545889636
Published: 2015-12-29
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Pages: 96
Juvenile Nonfiction

From the author of “I Grew Up to be President” comes an exciting new book that explores fifty influential and inspirational American women who changed the world. Women have always played an important role in the history of the United States. But before they were women, they were regular girls just like anyone else. So how did these seemingly ordinary girls grow up to be such extradorinary women? In WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD, you’ll meet fifty of the most influential and inspirational American women who had a lasting impact on our nation and the world. Starting with some of America’s “Founding Mothers” like Pocahontas and Abigail Adams, and continuing up to the present day with game changers like Hillary Clinton, Oprah, and Misty Copeland, the book features a unique and diverse cast from all walks of life. With a mix of photographs and quirky illustrations, Women Who Changed the World is a fun and exciting read that will inspire future generations of leaders for years to come!

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